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Homeward Bound Chords In The Quiet Misty Morning

On the deck of an ocean steamer, homeward bound from Europe, a man andgirl were walking to and fro. Their long march of monotonous regularityhad lasted perhaps an hour, and they had become objects of specialattention to the people scattered about.

Homeward Bound Chords In The Quiet Misty Morning

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The week passed away very quietly. The neighbors, though living near, seemed in no haste to call on her, and Mrs. Watkins was busy with her domestic duties much of the time, and had to be out of the room, and so Hope was thrown upon her own resources for entertainment. She was at no loss, however. She wrote to her mother; did fancy work; arranged and re-arranged her apartment; read such books as she had brought with her, and contrived not to get home-sick nor low-spirited, though a part of the time did not fly by on fairy wing. At meal times they were merry and social enough, and at night after supper the family, together with Hope, would sit out on the piazza in the moonlight and chat and sing until bed-time. The little clerk, whose name was Robert King, was friendly but bashful, and as Hope did not suit a bashful boy very well, it seemed destined that they should be a little distant to each other for some time to come. In the future they might be familiar friends, but it was not her disposition to make the advance toward any nearer acquaintanceship with anyone. On the Sabbath Hope went to preaching in the little town about four miles distant from them. The ride thither was very pleasant. The sultry, summer weather had given place to the more agreeable temperature of the early Autumn; the leaves werechanging their green color to gorgeous hues of crimson, purple and gold, and the deep blue sky seemed to bend lovingly over the richly attired earth. The streams sparkled like silver in the sunlight; gentle breezes stirred the tree tops; splendid wild flowers were visible on every side; an atmosphere of blessedness seemed to pervade everything. Hope could not withstand the sweet influences of the morning. She possessed a nature that was exquisitely susceptible to every touch of joy, and she was passionately fond of beauty, and just now a strange peace and satisfaction filled her whole being; she was for the time happy. Who, after all, is not blessed, when in the enjoyment of perfect health, of the fresh air and gentle sunshine? Yet in the toil after wealth or fame, amid the petty cares and struggles of life, how forgetful are we of those glorious gifts which are among the richest of those bestowed upon man by a bountiful Creator.

Through the long, restless night she did not sleep, and when morning dawned she arose with a weight of sorrow on her heart and a sad look in the dark eyes. And with gloomy feelings she began her preparations for the homeward trip.


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