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Does Silvertowne Buy Coins [BEST]

Being a retail and wholesale business, we get a lot of questions about the type of items we sell. Precious metals such as gold and silver are obviously the first thing to come to mind, but we have a plethora of items spanning from Proof and Mint sets to modern coins to world coins and bullion. What do we sell? I think we have that established for the most part, but did you know that we BUY all those things TOO?

does silvertowne buy coins

Anything on the price indicator page that can be found on the bottom left of our homepage directly under our store hours and also most numismatic collectible coins. The price indicator page functions as a guideline to determine pricing on specific gold, silver, and other precious metal offerings. The page fluctuates with the market and once refreshed, prices will change accordingly whether it be up or down. We pay the BID price, which is determined by the market. The ASK price is what a collector or dealer would be looking to get out of it if they were to sell.

Also listed on the page are United States coinage such as Morgan and Peace dollars as well as Indian Head Cents and backdate nickels that include both the Liberty Head and Buffalo types. Prices vary on precious metal content and condition if you are talking specifically about coins like the Morgan Silver Dollars.

We do not buy foreign coinage as we do not have a world coin expert on staff. Coins with modern errors are also something we are not interested in buying as well as very little vintage error coins. Statehood quarters, Presidential dollars, Native American $1 Coins, Bicentennial quarters and halves, etc. are also coins we do not buy as we find they are worth only their face value.

Buying silver bullion coins from SilverTowne is a fast, convenient, and secure way to begin or add to your collection. We are proud to provide a wide variety of coins from various mints all over the globe such as the U.S. Mint, Royal Canadian Mint, Perth Mint, China Mint, British Royal Mint, and more. Whether you are looking for a specific coin to add to your collection, or just want something a little different we know you will find the perfect silver coin at SilverTowne!

In the investment world, silver bullion coins are a very popular choice for several reasons. Not only are these bullion coins beautiful to look at, and easy to store; they also hold a government designated face value. While the face value of these silver coins does not correlate directly with the intrinsic value of the coins, many investors enjoy having government minted silver coins mixed into their portfolios in order to add diversity to their holdings. Such diversity can come in several variations; whether you want something newer (such as the ever popular Silver American Eagle or Chinese Silver Panda Coins) or you prefer something a bit more historic (such as 90% Silver Halves, Quarters & Dimes or 40% Silver Kennedy Halves) SilverTowne has you covered!

Each 1 oz SilverTowne Buffalo Silver Round is available to you here today in new condition courtesy of SilverTowne. These rounds ship in protective plastic flips for individual purchases or plastic tubes for multiples of 20 rounds. The 1 oz SilverTowne Buffalo Round in this listing does not feature a year of issue as some other SilverTowne Buffalo Rounds do.

We can ship to such stores including UPS Stores, various mail and packing stores, freight forwarders, etc. However, these are private businesses not owned by UPS, USPS, etc. Therefore, our shipping insurance does not cover missing packages or items sent to these locations if the tracking shows delivered.

"Silver Towne I have been thoroughly impressed with your customer service. Robin has been exceptional in helping me with my issues...I look forward to doing more business with you and recommending you to my friends because of her. Please do something to recognize her outstanding performance she does daily."

"I had a small issue with a storage box missing from a dedivvery yesterday, 2 minutes on the phone and its on its way to me. thank you silvertowne not only for great products but for great customer service as well!"

"Silvertowne always has such a wide selection of beautiful graded and ungraded coins and buldivon. There are so many I would have never known were out there if not for them. I myself enjoy owning the wilddivfe ones. It takes me back to days gone bye. :) Thank you so much."

"Ordered a 3 pound bag of foreign coins yesterday and I must say, great deal! I ordered one pound from another place for 15 dollars and I got 3 pounds for 25 bucks! What a deal, I know for all my coin needs, I'll be checking out Silvertowne first. Great company!"

"I've been ondivne buying silver/coins for about a year now. Mostly ebay. I get a deal every now and then when bidding. However, your seldivng prices seem as good or better (mostly better) than what I can get through the auctions. I bought from you in ebay the first time then went to your web address after that. Your web page is simple and well organized. Easy to navigate. If I ever wander north of Orlando (ha!) I'll visit some time."

"I just wanted to let you know that I received the silver round I purchased from you in the mail yesterday and I am very very happy with it! I am also extremely grateful for the steps you took to make my sale a very enjoyable and memorable one! The young lady who helped me, Kristen, made everything work out just fine and she was wonderful to deal with! Thanks so much for being so flexible, and for hiring quadivfied and conscientious sales people divke Kristen! I will be sure to think first of SilverTowne for my next purchase of fine metals and/or coins!"

"Just got my first order. Very pleased with the three MS 70 Silver Eagles. Cheaper than those other guys (A****) by far, free shipping AND no premium for using a credit card. It doesn't get any better than that. Oh did I mention very fast shipping, undivke those other guys. I will definitely do business with you guys again."

"Your company's service recovery has exceeded my expectations and I applaud everyone involved. My wife and I decided about a month ago to begin investing in coins and precious metals. You have earned my respect and loyalty as a new customer. I will recommend you to friends, family and co-workers."

A highly sought-after brand, SilverTowne is a renowned mint for collectible coins and precious metal bullion. Its headquarters are in Winchester, Indiana, and the mint has been a crucial part of the Winchester community since 1949.

SilverTowne is renowned for the intricate artwork of its bars and rounds, some of which are hand-painted. The mint also produces custom coins and bullion products for organizations of all types, including schools and even the US Military. Its reproductions of famous US coins are a popular commodity among both investors and collectors.

Known for its exclusive products, SilverTowne is special among business-run mints due to its status as an independent manufacturer. SilverTowne Mint is known for its distinctive service for businesses hoping to engage in one-of-a-kind promotion, commissioning custom medals and coins with business logos and brands. It also offers its own in-house assay services. Collectors, investors, and businesses can send their precious metals to the Indiana facility to determine the percentage of gold or silver and can even sell the metals to the mint afterwards.

Specialized bullion rounds also are available in a variety of different designs, including the Saint-Gauden silver round, the Indian silver round, and the Buffalo silver round. All three of these beautiful one-ounce coins make excellent additions to any collection. They also hold an extra appeal due to their iconic nature in the coin-collecting world.

This Winchester mint has developed a name for itself among the numismatics and investing communities. Businesses appreciate SilverTowne products because they are high quality, and the company is reliable. The company's logo, which displays a classic portrayal of an American prospector, is recognized throughout the precious metals community. This special touch adds history and value to SilverTowne coins and bullion. The company is also a member of multiple respected numismatic affiliations including the American Numismatic Association.

Cast bars have gained a lot of attention for their raw esthetic appearance - our customers love the look! Producing cast silver bars does take a bit more time than machine stamped bullion but less than hand-poured due to the manual process. In order to create these cast bars, silver shot is first placed inside cast molds then ran through a flameless tunnel to heat up and melt the silver into rectangle shapes. A SilverTowne craftsmen will then remove the bar from the tunnel and hand-stamp each bar with the Pony Express Logo along with the Troy Ounce Weight and Fineness and the SilverTowne Mint mint-mark. This process makes each and every poured bar unique for you!

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Leon, with his entrepreneurial prowess, quickly picked up on being able to turn around and sell, for more than face value, coins received in payment. He found that customers often purchased the special coins with change they received from their restaurant bills. The coin business began to pick up. Coins were put in display cases, replacing the cigar box and plates.

By the time of the passage of the Coinage Act of 1965, SilverTowne was among the largest buyers and sellers of silver coins in the Midwest. The 1964 90 percent silver dimes, quarter dollars and half dollars, struck for general circulation well past the end of their calendar year date, were the last of their kind.

The steady increase in the spot price of silver from 1979 to 1980, when it reached nearly $50 an ounce, resulted in SilverTowne trucking to the smelters many 55-gallon drums of silver coins and anything else silver that customers had redeemed for cash. 041b061a72


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