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California Officer Saves Man From Burning House \/\/TOP\\\\

The fire started about 5 a.m. in a building or camper near the house and quickly spread, according to a news release from the Ballinger Fire Department. A couple of propane tanks also blew up near the home. The house will not be repairable, according to the release. The cause of the fire remains under investigation.

California Officer Saves Man From Burning House

As the one-story home burned Tuesday night, the officers saw it from a mile away and headed there to help. And when neighbors told them a man was trapped inside, the officers found a way in by smashing the glass of a sliding door.

When he got out of his car, Pagano said, a woman pulled up and told him she believed someone was inside. About the same time, a neighbor saw the officer and told him somebody was in the burning, smoked-filled residence.

Bostic got four people out of the house about 12:30 a.m. on July 11, then reentered the inferno to find the 6-year-old girl upstairs, police said. The fire trapped Bostic and the girl on the second floor, and he jumped from the window with the girl in his arms.

The fire broke out in a house on Scarsdale Road in Lake Carmel, a hamlet in the town of Kent, around 10 p.m., with reports of someone trapped inside. Jintu Zheng, 65, was found inside the burning home and taken to Putnam Hospital Center, where he was pronounced dead, Kent police said.

Jamie Foxx was a real-life action hero Monday night when he pulled a man from a burning car outside his home in Hidden Valley, California. The truck skidded off the road, rolled into a ditch, and caught on fire, trapping the driver inside. Foxx rushed to help after calling 911.

The unidentified 26-year-old allegedly threw a police officer into a car after the officer attempted to stop him from entering the burning house to save the dog, Capt. Vincent Tamburro said. The dog died in the fire, he said.

Before the fire department arrived, Officers Donna Gonzalez and Ryan Anzalone had gone into the burning house to save an adult male who was trapped inside a second floor bedroom filled with smoke, said police Capt. Steve Levy of the Marlboro Police Department.

The officers met the homeowners, along with several family members, who were standing outside the house. At first, the family thought everyone had managed to get out. However, it was quickly confirmed they were not all accounted for, he said.

A pizza delivery man risked his life to save five children from a burning home in Indiana in the dead of the night. Nicholas Bostic, 25, was driving past when he saw a home engulfed in flames and his natural instinct was to run in to save the inhabitants. Entering through the back door into the house engulfed by black smoke, he rescued four children aged 1 to 18 before re-entering the home to rescue the fifth child, and exiting by jumping through a window holding the 6-year-old. He used his body to break the fall to protect the child.

Body-camera footage shows Angus running toward the blaze with a fire extinguisher as Mullins attempts to pull the man out of the car. The damage to the vehicle prevented the driver and officers from opening the front doors.

A 97-year-old woman was rescued by some bystanders and neighbors from her burning home after they carried her out of the house in her living room chair. Moments later, one of her rescuers went into cardiac arrest in the driveway across the street.

In the video, Garvis can be heard yelling "we got you," as she ran toward the house fire. From outside, the flames from inside the house were visible as they poured out of the broken windows. Two people appeared in the doorway carrying the elderly woman in her green velour chair.

In July, Newsweek reported about a Florida man who was saved from a house fire when his dog woke him up. Joel Rosa was woken up to his dog Maggie barking loudly at around 3 a.m. one morning. That's when he noticed a fire had started after the house was struck by lightning.

Nicholas Bostic, a 25-year-old pizza delivery driver, happened to be driving past a home in the city of Lafayette at around 12:30 a.m. on Monday when he saw that a two-story house was on fire, according to a news release from the Lafayette police.

Six puppies were rescued by their mother from a burning Westminster house Friday before firefighters arrived to help save several other animals. A man who lived in the home was arrested today in connection with the blaze.

Westminster firefighters, along with city police and Animal Management officials, found the dogs at a burning house in the 8100 block of Tennyson Street at about 5 p.m. Friday. No people were in the house, which sustained $100,000 in damage, the fire department estimated. Two puppies, a rabbit and a ferret died in the blaze.

A man and cat were rescued from a house fire that consumed the entire south-facing wall of a Stroudsburg home Friday afternoon. A dog and two cats died in the fire, according to Charlie Frantz, chief of the Stroudsburg Fire Department. 350c69d7ab


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