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1000000 Email List.txt FULL

In July 2018, Apollo left a database containing billions of data points publicly exposed. A subset of the data was sent to Have I Been Pwned which had 126 million unique email addresses. The full dataset included personally identifiable information (PII) like names, email addresses, place of employment, roles held and location.

1000000 Email List.txt FULL

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There'll be a significant number of people that'll land here after receiving a notification from HIBP; about 2.2M people presently use the free notification service and 768k of them are in this breach. Many others, over the years to come, will check their address on the site and land on this blog post when clicking in the breach description for more information. These people all know they were in Collection #1 and if they've read this far, hopefully they have a sense of what it is and why they're in there. If you've come here via another channel, checking your email address on HIBP is as simple as going to the site, entering it in then looking at the results (scrolling further down lists the specific data breaches the address was found in):

Thankfully, that's a much simpler one to answer: browse over to the HIBP website and enter any email addresses you want to check. The database will quickly return information on any breaches that your details were found in, including the CafePress one.

You can configure domains from any provider and successfully host your emails in Zoho Mail. The only prerequisite is that you should have access and permission to edit the DNS page of your domain. Zoho Mail provides provider-specific instructions for most of the well-known domain providers. If you can't spot your provider in our list, find the generic instructions given below.


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