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QuickBooks POS 2013: A Review of Its Features and Benefits

QuickBooks POS 2013: A Review of Its Features and Benefits

QuickBooks POS 2013 is a point of sale software that integrates with QuickBooks accounting software. It is designed to help small and medium-sized businesses manage their sales, inventory, customers, and payments. In this article, we will review some of the features and benefits of QuickBooks POS 2013 and how it can help you grow your business.

Features of QuickBooks POS 2013

QuickBooks POS 2013 has many features that can help you streamline your retail operations and improve your customer service. Some of the features include:

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  • Inventory management: You can track your inventory levels, costs, and profits in real time. You can also set up automatic reorder points, create purchase orders, and receive items with a barcode scanner. QuickBooks POS 2013 also syncs with QuickBooks accounting software, so you can update your books automatically.

  • Sales management: You can process sales quickly and accurately with a touchscreen interface, a barcode scanner, or a keyboard. You can accept multiple payment types, including credit cards, debit cards, cash, checks, gift cards, and loyalty programs. You can also print or email receipts, issue refunds, and apply discounts.

  • Customer management: You can create customer profiles with contact information, purchase history, preferences, and notes. You can also track customer loyalty points, offer rewards, and send targeted marketing campaigns. QuickBooks POS 2013 also integrates with QuickBooks CRM software, so you can manage your customer relationships more effectively.

  • Reporting and analytics: You can access over 60 built-in reports that show you key metrics such as sales trends, inventory turnover, best-selling items, customer behavior, and more. You can also customize your reports and export them to Excel or PDF. QuickBooks POS 2013 also allows you to view your data on a dashboard or on your mobile device.

Benefits of QuickBooks POS 2013

QuickBooks POS 2013 can help you grow your business by providing you with the following benefits:

  • Simplified operations: You can manage your entire retail business from one software. You can save time and money by eliminating manual tasks and errors. You can also reduce training costs by using a user-friendly interface.

  • Improved efficiency: You can increase your productivity and profitability by optimizing your inventory levels, reducing stockouts and overstocks, and minimizing shrinkage. You can also speed up your checkout process and reduce customer wait times.

  • Enhanced customer service: You can attract and retain more customers by offering them a personalized shopping experience. You can also increase customer loyalty and repeat purchases by rewarding them with points and discounts. You can also communicate with them more effectively by sending them relevant offers and promotions.

  • Better decision making: You can gain valuable insights into your business performance by analyzing your data. You can also identify opportunities and challenges by comparing your results with industry benchmarks. You can also make informed decisions by using data-driven recommendations.


QuickBooks POS 2013 is a powerful point of sale software that can help you manage your retail business more efficiently and effectively. It integrates with QuickBooks accounting software, so you can keep your books updated automatically. It also offers many features and benefits that can help you simplify your operations, improve your efficiency, enhance your customer service, and better decision making. If you are looking for a point of sale software that can help you grow your business, you may want to consider QuickBooks POS 2013. 0efd9a6b88


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