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So far on this blog, we've learned about Hotwire and built a hotwired to-do list powered by Rails. However, you don't really have to use Rails to get most of the benefits of Hotwire. Most static websites can just drop-in the Turbo library to behave like responsive single-page applications, without incurring any of the costs and complexities associated with the SPA frameworks.


Karl Peterson, one of Hotwire's four founding members, served as Hotwire's first CEO. In 2006, Hotwire was overseen by Founder and CFO (2004-2006) Eric Grosse. In January 2009, Eric Grosse became President of Expedia Worldwide and Clem Bason took over as President of the Hotwire Group.[9][10] In 2013 Clem left the company and Henrik Kjellberg became President of, after joining from Expedia Affiliate Network, also as President.

Next we take a quick tour of the Rails app we'll "hotwire". It's all about fishing... and hopefully catching! While touring the app, we identify areas we'd like to incrementally improve using Hotwire. (Give the final app a spin!) 041b061a72


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