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Buchanan, MI- McCoy Creek Trail end of wooded area

Updated: Sep 16, 2022

Pictured here we have the end of the McCoy creek trail where the train tracks sit, predominantly run by the Amtrak that runs essentially non-stop between Chicago and Detroit, with everything in between. The closest Amtrak station to this location would be located in Niles, MI.

The McCoy creek trail runs for four miles, a perfect afternoon walk distance and has plenty of spots for you to stop and rest your legs. It even has exercise stations along the trail if you'd rather not rest your legs!

Along this trail near the edge of the wooded area there is also a dog park located among all the baseball fields, meaning if you get lucky you can see both a game of Baseball and some dogs run around a large field. The dog park has a smaller dogs and Large dogs section, if you feel your dog would rather be in one area over the other, your dog has the freedom to choose!

Bogota was nice and tired when we were all said and done, and since the trail runs along a creek there was water along the whole way for him to drink, it is a dog friendly trail, and the residents are friendly as well (Buchanan is the nicest place in America apparently?) so if you are in the area or passing by, I wouldn't hesitate to stop at the trail and let your dog loose!

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