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Buchanan, MI- Public Boat Ramp

The Buchanan Public Boat Ramp is a great place to take your dog, with the river running right there and the city making some good spots for you to fish and not get in the way of others, which in turn means space for your dog to jump around in the water and do some swimming.

When you arrive you will see the physical boat ramp, and then just what appears to be a steep drop off to the river. It is not that steep a drop, and actually provides you with a slight cover from those who come to use the ramp to set there boat, or return and hitch it.

It was due to this that I could take Bogota off leash and even with families behind me (I could hear them pass by occasionally) you would never see them unless they were on the boat ramp.

With the ramp being right next to the Buchanan soccer fields it is a great place for your dog to get some water and cool off after running in the fields right next door!

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