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Buchanan, MI- "The Common" outdoor Music stage in Downtown Park

This park located in the downtown of Buchanan offers not only a field for your dog to walk around (i'd probably recommend a leash here), and sometimes there are bands performing on "The Common Stage, Pictured below) or people doing group activities on the field as it is a very active downtown.

If you are just returning from the wooded part of the trail you may take the opportunity to sit here and soak in the small town vibes and let your dog get some fresh water from the river that runs through the park.

Near the Buck statue you will find a variety of dispensaries (if that is your thing,) a small bar called the McCoy Creek Inn (which has amazing daily deals on food including all you can eat Perch Fridays) and some great pizza coming out of Milanos!

While this is not a park you would probably want to sit at and spend more than an hour, it is certainly a good spot to sit for a second, let your dog relax, and then to continue onto whatever end of the path you choose to go to, or just go home.

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