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Chicago, IL- Logan Square blvd

With Chicago being my hometown I always like Logan Square for a quick walk as I can let him off leash in the blvd in the grass areas and there's multiple open areas leading up to the statue.

The Logan Square monument was erected in 1918 to celebrate Illinois's 100 year anniversary of statehood. The design around the base portrays Native Americans, explorers, farmers then laborers to show the changes in the states first century. Always a good place to look at and sit, appreciate the little things.

Just East of the monument going towards Downtown is the actual blvd, it is a secluded little street that even has a farmers market on Sundays. There are less cars and for a second you may even forget you are in the third busiest city in America, which is why I am a big fan of the blvd. At the end of the blvd on the East you will find Dog Park No. 556 to top off your walk.

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