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Chicago, IL- Park No. 556 (Dog Park)

As much as I love Chicago I do have to say the opportunities for big dogs to get after it are a bit more limited, and this dog park is just OK. If you are in a hurry, and really don't have anywhere to take your dog this is a nice spot, it is at the beginning of Logan Square BLVD and right off the highway, which gives the dog park a little shade which is not too bad.

The dog park itself is a bit bland and boring, usually no bowls to fill with water, and generally just a 0.65 acre slab of concrete that other dogs occasionally show up too. With it being off the highway there is lots of cool dog art, which in my opinion is the best reason to go to this park, with murals all over the bridge it is something to look at while your dog runs around the park with their dog friends.

I have come here once or twice out of convenience, but Chicago has much better parks out there and this should only be a second option if you want your pup to truly get tuckered out.

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