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Kalamazoo MI- Heritage Hill

Kalamazoo and Heritage Hill will have a special place in my heart, from graduating at WMU to raising Bogota for his first year in the Zoo, where we would run up the Heritage Hall steps (Photo 1) every day.

These stairs are a behemoth to run up but when you were as focused on making sure your puppy slept all night and didn’t wake up you wanted to make sure he ran every single step. Once you get to the top, if you don’t want to make your dog run down all those stairs (bad for their knees,) have no fear there are two paths of varying difficulty to go down the hill without running down the stairs.

When you get to the top you can also just hang out for a second, there is a large grass area your dog will probably run around on, and for you, there is possible the best view of Kalamazoo. With Kalamazoo being in a valley, and Heritage Hall overlooking the valley it makes for a great place to stop, reflect, and then continue exercising with your dog.

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