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South Bend, IN- Notre Dame

Notre Dame a University mostly known for its College game day shenanigans and huge Golden Dome (pictured below.) Fun fact about the golden dome, it is actually covered in 23.9 Karat Gold Leaf, which will occasionally come off when they clean the dome, leading to literal gold falling on the campus field, possibly one of the reasons it is so expensive to go there. With some of the gold that falls they also use it for there infamous golden helmets.

The entire property of Notre Dame is a whopping 1,265 acres, but there main quad is approximately the size of seven football fields (relatable for my American friends.) While they have seven quads overall, the quad in front of the dome will likely be your favorite spot to walk.

Along with the quad, they have an amazing pond walk, where you may even be fortunate enough to see there sailing team go out there and catch some good knots. It is a beautiful property for you and your dog, a great experience as Notre Dame is known for its school and team history, and a place you and your dog will be able to chill, walk around different types of areas, and see cool and new things.

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