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Tahquamenon Falls, MI- Upper Peninsula

With one of the first road trips I took with Bogota it was certainly a doozy, and happened slightly on accident. We had planned to camp in Traverse City, yet when we got there we realized it was closed, maybe something we should have looked into. Then being Mid-December the only open campsite was Tahquamenon Falls.

It was a six hour drive, Bogota was only six months old and he really took it like a champ, although he had the support of his close Husky friend Luna. The campsite was beautiful and open, plenty of space for the two dogs to run, we didn't put them on a leash unless we were on trails.

There is so much to do in the Upper Peninsula but the Tahquamenon falls are not something I would want to miss. The waterfall is brown due to the Tannins that leach from the beginning of the rivers swamp. It is also Michigans second largest state park, and if you know anything about Michigan you know they have some gigantic parks, so you can only imagine with this park.

While you may come just to see the brown waterfall, you would also be pleased to learn that this is actually the second most voluminous waterfall in the Eastern United States.

If you hear someone in Michigan referring to the "Root Beer Falls" i'll give you a hint, it is probably Tahquamenon falls!

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