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Victor, IA- Passing through Iowa, Road Trip

On a road trip from Chicago to Denver we started the drive at 3am and by the time we got to Iowa it had just started to get light, and I needed a coffee more than anything at this point. With Bogota starting to have more energy as it was around that time he would have a larger walk I figured to just pull over on the highway and let Bogota run in the fields.

With the larger than life windmills setting over the farmland the windmills didn't even look terribly obtrusive, maybe because on the drive going through Indiana/Ohio there's nothing but windmills for miles, a less then pleasant view. Bogota was able to run around, take a quick pee, ate a snack and we went back on the road. Iowa is a fun state to drive through, realizing there isn't much too see but farmland they make sure there Rest Stops are as good as they can be, with a history of Iowa represented through them.

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