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Buchanan, MI- McCoy Creek Trail- Entrance to wooded path

Updated: Sep 16, 2022

The entrance to the four mile hike trail in the wooded area is almost hidden away in this quiet town of Buchanan. As you go West from the park located in the downtown district and walk past the bell dedicated to firefighters (Photo 1) you will find yourself walking in barren streets with empty homes and you begin wondering if you made the right turn.

Fear not as this is exactly how I felt, I walked straight until realizing that was simply not the case. When you walk past the bar on the corner of Jordan St and S Oak (while you walk down Oak, and also realize it may actually just be someones home and not a real bar.) Then to your right you will see a large tree and a gap before the metal sheet working factory directly next to the entrance.

You will first be greeted by a bench, somewhere to throw a leg up and stretch, and a 70ft mural (Photo 3) showing the water mills that used to run along the creek, and created the path you are walking on now.

This path opens up to an expansive walk (Photo 2), that includes a litter of things your dog can stop, sniff, and run around in! I even opted to take Bogota's leash off as I felt comfortable enough on the trail that he would not run off.

The rest of the wooded area summary is on the other post for the McCoy creek trail!

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